In the event of a shutout USF will Receive $0.00


​​​​​​​$93.00Per point

Total Gifts given towards the War $26,692

$29.75 Per point


Matching Gifts of $0.00

Wesley War on I-4

UCF Wesley and USF Wesley Fundraising Rules:

The goal of this fundraiser is for CFL Wesley and Wesley at USF to both raise funds to support their ministries.
 The UCF-USF game takes place on Friday, November 24th.  Students, parents, and any friend of either ministry can donate!

1. Money will be pledged per point.  If a donor were to pledge $10 per point and their team scores 10 points, then they would pay $100. When you make your pledge be sure to provide contact information so you can make your payment once the game is over.
2. Pledges will be accepted up until final 2 minutes of the game.
​3. When pledging make sure there is a time stamp (this can be through e-mail, text, or anything else that records a time).  
4. If there happens to be a shutout then there is an opportunity for donors to make a shutout clause donation. This would allow donors to offer an amount of money they are willing to pay if their team fails to score. This offer must be put in before the game starts.
5. Whichever ministry raises the most money at the end of the game wins the war. So, it’s possible that a ministry’s football team could lose the game but win the fundraiser. The highest total raised will win, not the highest pledges per point.
​6. Head pastor’s are not allowed to pledge to their own ministry.

1. 10% of the funds raised by each ministry will go towards a charity of each Wesley's choosing. 10% of funds raised by CFL Wesley will go towards supporting Knight-Thon which raises money and awareness for the Children's Miracle Network. USF Wesley has chosen give 10% of their funds to Trinity Cafe, which is an organization located in the heart of Tampa that helps to support homeless and hurting families in need.
2. The losing ministry’s staff will come to the winning ministry’s service decked out in their opponent’s colors for their weekly worship service at a date to be announced later. Pictures will be posted.


Matching Gifts of $4350

​Total Money Raised


​USF may have lost the game but they won the War! 

Congrats to both Wesleys as collectively the two

ministries raised over $37,000.oo

Check back later to see Wesley at UCF getting pied. 

In the event of a shutout UCF will receive $0.00

Previous War on I4 Results

Total Gifts given towards the War $942.12


​Total Money Raised