Zack Robinson
Resident Staff 
He loves sweeping, wearing cargo shorts and French Cut green beans.

Kelsey Feehan 

Resident Staff 

Kelsey likes being a hermit crab mom, always making time for Taco Tuesday and High School Musical. 

Andrew Thomas
Resident Staff 
Andrew likes fishing, being a mountain man and dreams of becoming a Calvin Klein model one day soon. 

Haley Morton
Resident Staff 

She enjoys gardening, being on SAFE Team and dying her hair.

Her office hour is Monday and Wednesday from 12pm-1pm

Will Kennedy 

Resident Staff  

He loves Hech, the Buffalo Bills, and is aspiring to win a Pulitzer Prize in journalism one day.

Maria Becht
Resident Staff 

She loves Mini Doughnuts, going to the gym and Halo Top Ice Cream. 

Emily Fullmer
Resident Staff  

She loves Buddy Brew, Chickfila and establishing the Silk Road while playing Catan

Macie Jones
Assistant Director (

Macie graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Communication. She fell in love with the Wesley community during her time at USF and feels honored to be serving in a place filled with passion and love.

She enjoys graphic design, gasping at puppies and taking pictures of her friends 

Erik Seise
Pastor and Director ​(

Erik is privileged to serve as the Pastor and Director for The Wesley Foundation at USF. He is currently pursuing ordination through the United Methodist Church and has 13 years in campus ministry experience. Erik loves serving with college students as they make decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. He and his wife Lori have been married for almost 10 years and are blessed to have two sons, named Wesley and Edmond

He loves to hunt, drinking decaf coffee and adores his dog Cocoa

Sunday Service at 11am

Wednesday Community Night at 6pm

Tuesday Community Night at 6pm

Wednesday Worship at 7pm

Meet Our Staff

Jessie Robinson 

Resident Staff 

Jessie adores her beagle Junie, loves working at least 2 jobs at once and hammocking whenever possible. 

Michael Mobley
Assistant Director (

Michael graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Communication. He has been involved with the Wesley Foundation from the beginning and is excited to continue his journey in the ministry. 

He enjoys buying guitar pedals, drinking his coffee black, talking about the Enneagram and going to trivia.