Bri Patenaude 

Resident Staff

Our lovely Bri is Wesley's self-care extraordinaire and loves earrings, pixie cuts, and is our community's personal motivational speaker

Dana Utley

Student Staff

Dana is our staff cat mom and enjoys Pandas, the Sims, and is holding a visor above her eyes to block out the b.s. She is our tatooed Acapella star and we love her. "PEACE." - Dana

Meet Our Staff

Jessie Robinson 

Resident Staff 

Jessie adores her beagle Junie, chunky lab Sugar, hammocking whenever possible, and functions off of sweet potatoes and coffee

Taryn Elliot
Resident Staff

Taryn is our resident world travler, Birkenstock enthusiast, and probably a future stand up comedian

Student Staff

Emily Fullmer
Resident Staff  

Em is our blossoming coffee connoisseur, marketing wiz, and latte queen. She's a brave, strong blonde who has got this! 

Keri LaBrant 

Interim Pastor and Director ​(

​Keri is a native of St. Petersburg, FL. She is a worshiper, a connector, and is passionate about the Church being its very best. Keri completed her Masters of Divinity degree at Duke Divinity School and is a certified candidate for ordained ministry as a deacon in the United Methodist Church.

Keri is committed to the missional church movement and loves coffeeshops, road trips, and being in the mountains.